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Destiny Hodges

Why destiny? She's calm, fear-free certified, and her reserved demeanor goes great with pets who are nervous or who need a non-stimulating approach to grooming. 

Our gentle soul...

When you meet Destiny you'll notice she comes off as reserved and quiet, which helps her to instantly put many pet's nerves at ease. For that reason Destiny does amazing with pets who regularly display anxiety for the grooming process. To work better with these pets, Destiny has gone through Fear-Free Certification which helps her to handle behaviors that many groomers may not know how to address. 

Destiny began her grooming career more than 8 years ago in a corporate grooming salon. While she loved her job working with animals, she felt that the corporate environment was too stressful for both groomer and pet and that it was ultimately detrimental to the progress she was trying to make with many of her clients. When Destiny co-founded Fluff it!, she was looking to create an environment that would be as humane and comfortable for the pets as possible. 
Among her favorite dogs to groom are golden retrievers, shelties and Pomeranians because she loves doing outline trims to help accentuate the natural contour of longer coated breeds. 
Destiny has been a lifelong animal lover, gaining experience handling both dogs and cats for her entire life. Currently, she has a Domestic Longhaired cat, a Doberman pinscher and a Siberian husky. She enjoys foreign films, boxing and puzzle games.


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