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Victoria Flinton

Why Victoria? She's confident, calm, and sometimes we swear she speaks to animals. Victoria has a strong love for all animals and working with the ones that need a little extra TLC. She is a natural when it comes to making your fearful, anxious, or aggressive pet feel comfortable and safe during the process. 


     Our Dog Whisperer... 


Victoria has had many jobs, but she knew she found her calling when she started working with animals. She started her career working in a corporate grooming environment, where she started as a bather for the pets, quickly flourished and enrolled into Grooming Academy. She ended her 6 years as a manager in the grooming salon with the vision of Fluff it! Pet Spa. She always knew she wanted to be able to work more closely with animals that don't benefit from the fast-paced environment of a corporate salon.

Some of Victoria’s favorite breeds to work with include Poodles, Bichons, Schnauzers, and Pitbulls. She also loves working with the pets you don’t see every day in the salon like cats, and small animals!

 Victoria has had experience with many animals her entire life, including cats, chickens, rats, reptiles, and of course dogs! Currently she has a 10-year-old cat, 5-year-old hound mix, dwarf bunny, rats, chickens, ducks, and turtles! She enjoys being outdoors, wood working, playing guitar, and working on her home farm!


Check out my pets & some of my work!

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