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High quality, professional pet grooming in the comfort of your own driveway!
No stress, car rides, crates, or other pets.

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"The best my dog has ever looked! Her haircut is absolutely perfect and the bow in her hair is the sweetest! My 8 year old Penny is scared of everyone (she’s a rescue and previously abused unfortunately) and she was actually super happy when she was done and looked so amazing! I will never go to anyone else! It’s so comforting knowing my dog is happy and loves the girls and isn’t afraid to get groomed!! Thank you!!"

"These groomers are so reliable. They are kind and patient with the animals. The grooming is the best I have ever seen."

"We are so pleased with Fluff It! Chelsey and Victoria do an amazing job. They greet my dog in a friendly and caring way. My dog looks brand new when she's done! One of the biggest things is you show up on time and if delayed provide an ETA. Much appreciated. I'm not big on social media but wanted to let you know this way how much we appreciate your business!!"

"The girls were so sweet and friendly. It was very easy to receive a quote and schedule our appointment. I especially loved the swag bag and grooming report card a nice personal touch. Pepper our pup looks and smells so nice"

"Victoria and Chelsey were amazing from start to finish. Freddie gets a little anxious when getting groomed and he isn't afraid to throw his 100+ pound body around either! They handled him so well, kind and professional the whole time. I loved how they greeted him like they've known him forever and I could hear them being so sweet and encouraging to him, too. I received great feedback with his grooming report, he got some yummy treats and I can't wait to tell all of my dog loving friends about this wonderful experience. If you are thinking about scheduling an appointment, DO IT! I can't wait until they come back and I know Freddie will be happy to see them, too! Thank you for providing such great service!"



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