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Cat Services



Basic Cat Package 



Nail Trimming

 Ear Cleaning 

Teeth Brushing

15-minutes of Brushing

Sanitary Area Trim (if requested)

Paw Pad Trim (if requested)

Finishing Spray

Travel Fee

Cat Nail Service- $35



Nail Trimming, Paw Pad Trim (if requested) & our Travel Fee

Cat Nail Service Add ons:

Ear Cleaning & Teeth Brushing- $5

Brushing- Prices depend on condition 

Additional Cat Services 

Spot Shaving (prices depend on severity and time needed to remove the mats) 

Shave Down (strictly for comfort, if the pet is matted and there are too many to spot shave)

Important Info to Note

Our starting prices are based on breed, size/weight of your pet, and services requested. We try our best to quote each pet based on these factors, with the help of a photo. However, once we see the pet in person and start the service, our prices can change based on the following factors:

Condition of coat


Pets with matting or excessive shedding require specialized care and additional time to remove damaged or impacted coat safely. Prices will vary on severity and time it takes to complete the services.


Medical or Age-Related Disabilities


Elderly pets, overweight pets or pets with medical conditions such as heart disease, history of seizures, arthritis, etc, may require additional time and care. We provide services at their pace to keep them comfortable and safe.


Behavioral challenges


Some pets may show aggression or extreme anxiety that may hinder the grooming process. We love working with these pets to help grooming become a comfortable part of their life. However, this adds additional time to the process, as we must go at the pets pace to keep them and our groomers safe.

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