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Cat Services


At this time, we do not perform full haircuts, or shave downs on cats. We only do baths if completely necessary (to avoid stress). Please see our Cat Services below. 

Basic Cat Package 



Nail Trimming

 Ear Cleaning 

Teeth Brushing

15-minutes of Brushing

Sanitary area trimming (if requested)

Paw pad trimming(if requested)

Finishing Spray

Mobile Fee




Starts at $70

Additional Cat Services 

Additional brushing required (15+ mins)  $10- $30

Mat removal(prices depend on severity and time needed to remove them) starts at $20+


Baths (only if completely necessary, to avoid added stress) starts at $50+

Please click here to see our individual service packages


Condition of coat


Pets with matting or excessive shedding require specialized care and additional time to remove damaged or impacted coat safely. Prices will vary on severity and time it takes to complete the services.


Medical or Age-Related Disabilities


Elderly pets, overweight pets or pets with medical conditions such as heart disease, history of seizures, arthritis, etc, may require additional time and care. We provide services at their pace to keep them comfortable and safe.


Behavioral challenges


Some pets may show aggression or extreme anxiety that may hinder the grooming process. We love working with these pets to help grooming become a comfortable part of their life. However, this adds additional time to the process, as we must go at the pets pace to keep them and our groomers safe.


We accept Cash, Check, Venmo & Credit card

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