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Puppy & Kitten Program

Babies are often curious, rambunctious and naturally a little nervous for their first introduction to the grooming process. For their safety, it is important that they build a tolerance in each of the six following areas prior to receiving a full haircut in any grooming salon, not just with us!

Bathing: This involves helping them remain calm for the water hose and scrubbing process. As your pet grows we will always monitor their coat to use the most relevant products and services for their unique body and needs. 

How to help at home: associate water with good things, do not spray with garden hose if it is a negative experience for them

Brushing: This involves introducing them (and you!) to a variety of brushes that are appropriate for their coat and helping them develop a tolerance for regular brushing. 

How to help at home: We will help you develop a brushing routine appropriate to your pet’s unique coat to help maintain their appearance between visits and help them develop the skills needed to move forward. 

Drying: This involves slowly introducing them to the high velocity dryer, which is used in every salon. We will go at their pace and help them develop a tolerance for the drying process. 

Nails: This involves introducing your pet to the nail clippers and dremel tool as well as the sensation of nail clipping and grinding. 

How to help at home:  Playing with your pet’s feet coupled with positive experiences like toys or treats can build a positive association with the process. 

Clippers and Scissors:  from paw pad and sanitary trims, to full shave downs and scissor ups, many pets will need a solid introduction to all equipment that buzzes and snips! This involves training them to ignore the sounds of equipment making noises around them so that your curious pup or kitten keeps their sensitive noses and paws at a safe distance. 

Cooperation and Patience: This involves helping your pet develop the patience necessary to complete the full hour to two-hour grooming session that they will endure regularly as an adult. This involves helping them get comfortable on our table, handling the feet and face, teaching them to stand throughout the groom and lowering their reactivity

Most puppies and kittens will require 2-3 introductory grooms before they can safely endure the full grooming process. We recommend these appointments every 4-6 weeks until they complete the program.

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